Get 10 Simple Rules for Spotting Successful Turnaround Stocks

10 Simple Rules


In this eBook you will learn: 

  1. What catalysts professional investors follow that indicate a profit opportunity 
  2. What company traits provide a solid foundation for a successful investment

  3. How to find overlooked companies that could have strong return potential


About The Turnaround Letter:

Mission & History

The Turnaround Letter has been a family business since 1986. Founded by George Putnam, for 33 years and counting our goal is to help members find highly profitable investment ideas backed up by detailed and thorough research. 

Investing Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is to select overlooked companies with real value and imminent changes that can significantly improve the companies’ prospects and profit potential.

Our timeless investing process, consistently applied, has helped drive The Turnaround Letter’s market-beating investment returns. We hope to continue providing these kinds of returns to you over the next 33 years.